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  News: new book editor Alex Groenewoud.
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   <h2 id="lfsnews">LFS-specific news</h2>
  +	<h3 id="neweditor">New editor</h3>
  +		<h4>Gerard Beekmans - 8/8/2003</h4>
  +		<p>Just to inform you all, Alex Groenewoud is setup as the latest addition to the editorial team and will be helping out effective right now.</p>
  +		<p>Alex is well known for his excellent contributions in the past to LFS in the form of grammatical patches. His most recent work is a <a href="#bookredone">rewriting of the book</a> with a new structure. This led to some recent changes in the LFS book, of which we're bound to see more now.</p>
  +		<p>We wish Alex good luck with editing LFS and hopefully he will continue to make usefull contributions.</p>
   	<h3 id="thispage">Page now updated</h3>
   		<h4>Jeroen Coumans - 1/8/2003</h4>
   		<p>The LFS news page will now be properly updated with recent CVS changelogs and general LFS-project news. It also has an <a href="feed.rss">RSS newsfeed</a> which contains the latest headlines of LFS-specific and general news.</p>

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