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  +	<h3 id="printedblfsbook">Printed BLFS Book</h3>
  +		<h4> Gerard Beekmans - 08/06/2003</h4>
  +		<p>The publisher who printed & published the LFS book has shown interested in doing the same thing for the BLFS book and he's interested, if at all possible. publishing it around October.</p>
  +		<p>I know it's not a lot of notice I realize. Also seeing they also want to see if the next LFS book (5.0) can be published around the same time (possible a bundle, LFS+BLFS combined in one book). I'm not sure what's special about October, but it has something to do with that time of year being statistically a good time in the year to release these kind of books. The wheather gets colder, people tend to stay at home more and generally have more time to take on an extended project such as LFS+BLFS would be.</p>
  +		<p>So guys, how long do you anticipate needing to whip the BLFS book into shape for publishing? Submission format is PDF and our current XML2PDF generations don't create a good enoug PDF. For the LFS book I converted the XML to LaTeX and used the latex2pdf conversion which does a much better job, also seeing we're going to need to specify custom paper sizes, margins and all that fun stuff.</p>
  +		<p>I wouldn't recommend doing an xml2latex conversion the way I did for LFS. We had better get that new XML we've been talking on lfs-dev started soon. Then it's a simple matter of creating a stylesheet that converts XML to LaTeX using the previous lfs-book-latex template I have here.</p>
  +		<p>All in all it would be great to get the BLFS book published. All proceeds will, just as with the LFS book, go back into the project. This effectively means it'll pay for the monthly co-location facility bills.</p>
  +		<p>I'd like to come up with a deadline date asap so we can start planning, get the ball rolling, etc. Where I can I will help out of course, mostly with getting the format right for printing, etc. Actual book editing will still be up to the designated BLFS editors. I'll be busy myself with the LFS Book getting that into shape (a lot of work to be done there too).</p>
   	<h3 id="newwebsitedesign">New website design</h3>
   		<h4>Jeroen Coumans - 25/7/2003</h4>
   		<p>The LFS team is proud to present the new website! There were some disadvantages with the old site which are adressed in this new design.</p>

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