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Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 08/06/03 03:16:
> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>>Secondly, I should probably use XSLT stylesheets to transform the XML
>>into XHTML. However, I'm a complete newbe regarding XML and XSLT, can
>>anybody help me with this? I need to extract the following
>>information in this format:
>><h4>Date - Author</h4>
>><p>File(s): commit log</p>
>>(more verbally explained at
> I became interested in writing a Perl script for it. I'd like to 
> exercise my Perl (and learn a lot, too), and it seems a good task. But 
> I'm afraid that I cannot write the script on time (maybe you will 
> receive a response from developers before this).

I'll use whatever gets the job done in a clean way with the standard script. (allthough XSLT stylesheets would be the most 
technically correct solution). So f you'd like to work on this, please 
feel free to do so. Allthough the site's launch is planned for friday, 
that doesn't mean development on it should stop. The current solution, 
allthough very ad hoc, works and it's not a problem if it's used when 
the site is launched.

> The features of the script I'm planning to write will be the same you 
> are requesting, with some future improvements (automatic archiving? 
> templating?)

Yes, very good. Also try to incorporate it into

> BTW, other projects that you can play with are:

I looked at them when I was researching the possibilities but they're 
too limited for the task.

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