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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Tue Aug 5 14:22:54 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> No, I get varying results too; sometimes they're inline and when I
> reload the page, they're displayed as a list. Very inconsistent
> behavior though.
> Are you able to test this against a recent CVS version of Konqueror?
> Maybe we could file a bug (allthough it seems somewhat difficult to
> reproduce).

I'm planning to install KDE CVS when I build a new LFS system. But, 
right now, I don't have KDE CVS installed.

I've found a simple way to reproduce this bug:
1) Goto main page:
2) From there, click on the "placeholder" link
3) The links shows inline.
4) Now, type F5 (to refresh the page)
5) Now the links aren't inline.

Finally, this bug occurs when we reload the page (or on a direct access 
to When accessing the 
file from a link, the CSS code is loaded correctly.

For the bug report, you can create a simple exploitable HTML file and a 
CSS file, or just use to demonstrate 
the problem.

BTW, I could not report that bug in OpenSP because I was unable to 
reproduce it again (maybe I forgot some step on exploitation).

> > Now, a convenient question: why did you change the code? Was it not
> > working for other browsers?
> Yes it was, but I like the current look much better. Don't you?

Yes, I like it ;-)

> I'd rather use tables for tabular data and not for presentation. I've
> been able to come up with pretty creative solutions in the past (pats
> himself ;)) so I'm sure I will now too. You're more then welcome to
> help me of course.

I totally agree with you. TABLES weren't never intended for presentation 
Anderson Lizardo

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