website CVS broken?

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Tue Aug 5 14:17:41 PDT 2003

Hi Anderson Lizardo. You said the following on 08/05/03 22:52:
> These files (lfs/news.html, blfs/news.html and website.html) are 
> supposed to appear in CVS? If so, they aren't appearing here.

I've removed the following files from CVS:


I've replaced them with the following templates:

The script which generates the removed news.html files is not in CVS but 
executed on the server, so that you still see those files online.
The following script, contributed by Rob Park, generates the RSS feeds:

I hope its very clear now so there are no misunderstandings. Perhaps 
your local sandbox is broken? Sorry about the recent shufflings of 
files, it wasn't exactly anticipated. Next time I'll try to remember to 
send a warning to this list.

>>What on-line changes are you seeing that aren't in CVS yet? It could
>>be a temporary testfile, allthough these should disappear after the
>>synchronization script has run. (I should really discipline myself to
>>use ~jeroen for that...)
> One example is "index.html". The top links (in on-line file) are "Beyond 
> Linux From Scratch | Automated Linux From Scratch | Hints", but in CVS 
> they are "LFS | Beyond LFS | Automated LFS | Hints". I did not checked 
> yet if other files are out of sync.
> [ Update before send this message: the changes in index.html were 
> removed. As you said, maybe was just testing stuff. ]

Probably is, since the online website is now rebuilt daily from CVS with 
a script (I've put a copy available on

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