website CVS broken?

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Aug 4 16:46:49 PDT 2003

Anderson Lizardo said the following on 08/05/03 01:31:
> Hi,
> Is it only with me or website's CVS repository is broken? After a recent 
> cvs update, the "lfs/news.html" file was deleted, and the placeholder 
> link doesn't work anymore. Also, I see on-line changes that don't 
> appear in CVS.
> Thanks,

Hm, it seems fine over here. The lfs/news.html is also still online. I 
did upgrade the script which synchronizes the online website with CVS 
recently. I removed the dynamicaly generated files from CVS (these are 
lfs/news.html, blfs/news.html and website.html) and added the scripts 
which generate them instead.
What on-line changes are you seeing that aren't in CVS yet? It could be 
a temporary testfile, allthough these should disappear after the 
synchronization script has run. (I should really discipline myself to 
use ~jeroen for that...)

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