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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Sun Aug 3 08:11:04 PDT 2003

Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> Sorry about that ;) (you're welcome to help me with the javascript
> dropdown - I'm thinking about using

Do you have a specific style of slide-out in mind? (I see many styles on 
"samples" section)

By the way, I'm using w3m as text-mode browser and the site works 
perfectly with it. I'll do some testing to see how these slide-out 
menus work with w3m (Of course I'm not expecting the animation effects)

> Bytheway, there's a regression in Konqueror. Due to the way the
> #pagenav is laid out on each news page *), it seems I trigger a bug
> (again). As a result, the list items are shown as a list instead of
> on the same line. It's not devastating, but I'm not yet sure of a
> work-around, since any workaround I come up with breaks other
> browsers.

Did you mean ? In 
my Konqueror (3.1.1), it shows inline.
Anderson Lizardo

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