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Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Fri Aug 1 04:48:33 PDT 2003

Anderson Lizardo said the following on 07/31/03 23:39:
> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
>>Ah okay. Well, I'm in the process of changing them to a drop-down
>>form. This is a bit more prominent then the current links, I hope
>>you'll like it (if you care to help; page is located at
>>I'm having some problems validating it.
> Seems good; also, the background color of the dropdown menu can be of 
> the same color of the shearch text box ;-)
> The validation problem is interesting. You are using XHTML 1.1, right? 
> says that XHTML 1.1 does not 
> have any deprecated functionality from HTML 4 nor XHTML 1.0. As "name" 
> is deprecated in favor of "id" attribute, _maybe_ the problem is here. 
> Just change "name" to "id".
> The other problem is more interesting ;-). Maybe I'm wrong, but I think 
> that XHTML 1.1 default DTD (at 
> is incomplete. At line 
> 88, you can see the following line:
> <!ENTITY % xhtml-events.module "INCLUDE" >
> But there is no complete declaration of "xhtml-events.module" (see other 
> modules declaration to understand what I'm talking about). I've 
> attached a modified version of this file, and I hope that it works (I 
> could not test this, because I need a current running server to insert 
> a valid "DOCTYPE" declaration URL). Put this file in the same directory 
> of test.html and modify DOCTYPE declaration to the following line (Is 
> an absolute URL needed for DOCTYPE?):
> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN" "xhtml11-fixed.dtd">
> Then try to validate the page again at
> I've also attached a modified test.html file with the fixes above. To 
> see exactly what I changed, do a diff on these files.

It's up at

Doesn't validate though. The dropdown link following (the javascript 
bit) doesn't work either. My validating errors from before came from the 
fact that action was empty in the form. See which explains the 
issue thorougly.

It's an interesting solution though, if you could get it to work though. 
I'm not familiar with the doctype, I just know how to write webpages and 
make them validate.

I think I'm better off writing a javascript dropdown menu instead of a 
form; this wouldn't require any server-side processing and would work 
better in links/lynx too (this is important, considering the audience 
for LFS).


Jeroen Coumans,
FAQ maintainer

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