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Tue Mar 2 12:04:59 PST 2010

 I was just reading the archives for this list to get a feel for the
state of the project.

My first lfs build was on a Pentium 200Mhz system using dialup as we
didn't have broadband in this area . It took me about a month to get
a bootable system.

I tried again with a Pentium2 and it went a little faster and resulted
in a nice stable linux that I used for a year or so.

The live-cd looked promising, so I waited for a Christmas visit to a
relative that had just had the fiber-optic service installed and got
the iso image.To my amazememt ,it downloaded in about 5 minutes.

The first thing I did on return home was to sign a petitiion to get
broadband in this area.

I never did do a regular install with the cd . I used the jhalfs install
and that was what I used for a couple of years.I just tried a regular
lfs-dev build and I used a cd-jhalfs build as the host.

The jhalfs-builds always worked well for me and produced a stable build
that I could fatten with blfs, plus having a nice rescue disk when I
wrote over the mbr , which was pretty frequently because I like to try
out and play with a wide variety of os's.

The short of it is that I have really enjoyed using the live-cd and like
to see it the project continue and be updated and would like to assist
in any way my humble skills allowed.

Mike Hollis

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