New LFS LiveCD

Thomas Pegg tom.pegg at
Tue Dec 1 18:31:39 PST 2009

On 12/1/2009 12:32 PM, Dimitry Naldayev wrote:
> William Immendorf<will.immendorf at>  writes:
>> On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 9:16 AM, William Immendorf
>> <will.immendorf at>  wrote:
>>> I'll help update the LFS packages to 6.5, and some BLFS ones too. I'll
>>> also help with XFCE.
>> The only thing is, all of the LFS mirrors are at 6.4, and they badly
>> need updates. I think that we should update the LFS mirrors.
> The latest svn commit was about year ago and this version is not finished.
> My patch was filtered from this list becouse it was too big :(
If it's a patch against SVN, send it to me directly 
thomasp at, and I'll take a look at it and see about 
getting it commited. I'm probably the only remaining member of the 
LiveCD team still around. I've been working recently getting an LFS 
system back up and running and doing some more LiveCD work again. And 
with all the interest I see lately, it could be a project on it's way to 
being revived.


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