Catch 22 in x86-64-r2160

Dan McGhee beesnees at
Wed Aug 26 19:44:21 PDT 2009

I just got a laptop with an AMD Turion processor and an ATI Radeon 
HD3200 chipset.  The fglrx driver supplied with the current version of 
LiveCD doesn't support this chipset--likewise for the ati drivers.  I 
have two options:

1.  try to install the current fglrx, which is compatible with Xorg-7.2
2.  compile and install the current Xorg ati driver

The problem with #1 is that I can't load the X-server and the Catalyst 
driver from ATI-Radeon requires graphics to extract and install.  I have 
an older laptop, but it's 32-bit.  I'm new to x86-64 so I don't know if 
I could generate the necessary files on the old laptop and transfer them 
to the new one and have them work.  Comments?

Does anyone know if the current xorg ati drivers are compatible with 
Xorg-7.2?  I can find nothing that tells me this.



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