[RFC] Proposal of LiveCD project changes

Jack Gates genericmaillists at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 21:09:26 PDT 2008

On Sunday 19 October 2008 04:44:12 pm Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hello,
> First off, thanks to everyone for the comments given, they were
> very helpful. Based in part on the comments, and upon my own
> estimation of the project, I have a proposal to make wrt the
> future of the project.
> I'll try to keep it as brief as possible, but here are the
> changes to the goals and rules of the project I'm proposing
> (comments, suggestions, corrections and questions most welcome):
> 1. Any officially supported and promoted release must not deviate
> from LFS or BLFS in any way.
>     The purpose of this is to keep the CDs valid as working
> examples of both LFS and BLFS. I do not count as deviations
> configuration files or custom scripts to ease booting or
> configuring the CD. What I mean by deviation is installing
> packages that do not appear in either book, changing the build
> order for the base system, or using switches that either do not
> appear in the books or are not listed as possibilities. A
> secondary purpose is that by sticking closely to the books, it
> should make development and maintenance of the official CD
> easier.
>     This limitation will undoubtedly bring up questions regarding
> extra functionality that is currently covered in the latest CDs.
> See item 2 for that.
> 2. Packages or build parameters/methods which do not appear in
> LFS or BLFS, but which will undoubtedly increase the CD's value
> to large groups of users can be developed and released in
> "unofficial" CDs with the hope and intention that these changes
> can be pushed upstream to LFS or BLFS.
>     A great example here is i18n. A good deal of i18n support is
> already covered in LFS, but there are undoubtedly tweaks that
> would improve the CD's usefulness but do not appear in the books.
> The "right thing to do" in my opinion, is to at the least allow
> for these sorts of modifications in LFS and BLFS. The unofficial
> CDs provide a sandbox for building and testing which can improve
> the quality and usefulness of the books.
> 3. The main official CD will be a minimal 'Core' CD. Basically
> bare LFS with just enough added BLFS functionality to connect to
> the internet (or a local network), read an LFS book online,
> download packages and render a book locally.
>     What is actually included can be discussed and decided upon.
> I prefer once we decide that it be somewhat etched in stone, too.
> Other features can be covered in item 4.
> 4. Apart from the core, we can have extra "official" and
> "unofficial" packages which can be added to the core to produce
> an individual, custom CD. The difference between "official" and
> "unofficial" has to do with whether or not the package is
> included in BLFS and is built by-the-book.
>     The extent to which we have and provide external packages is
> based the willingness of individuals within the community to
> maintain them.
> 5. The scripts to produce the core official CD shall be rewritten
> and shall look to be done via some PM for ease of maintenance and
> for ease of merging packages into the core.
>     This may sound like it conflicts with item 1. Technically, it
> doesn't since LFS allows for a PM, but even so, it would have to
> be a PM which doesn't rely on some external libraries not present
> in LFS. Something simple based on tar and shell scripts would be
> my preference, although if we wanted to pursue something like
> RPM, we would have the opportunity to do so in an unofficial CD.
> I would hope that by following the above, we would achieve solid,
> stable CDs, a more unified project as a whole, an 'easy to jump
> in' sort of framework which can allow for testing of experimental
> ideas and pushing up the quality of all books.
> That's basically it... thoughts?
> --
> JH

I am new to LFS. Just got on the list about 3 days ago. I am glad to 
see the LiveCD is going to still be here and I think your 
suggestions sound straight forward.

I have joined several of the lists and have seen a lot of activity. 
Is the New book and LiveCD about to come out?

Jack Gates

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