The LFS LiveCD project is dead. Officially.

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sun Mar 30 22:57:32 PDT 2008


as you can easily find out in Trac, the latest change in the LiveCD
repository not by me is dated 08/21/07, i.e., more than 7 months ago.
And there are no substantial changes since
12/29/07. The LiveCD contains more than 200 packages, and that's way
too much for one person to maintain.

For me, the LiveCD was a playground that might help pushing some ideas
into LFS and/or BLFS by providing a sample implementation.
Essentially, it was a fork of LFS (now mostly fixed) and BLFS. Some of
the ideas got implemented: UTF-8 support in LFS, PPP and PPPoE
configuration in BLFS. Some were at least considered, but too much is
just stalled. Thus, I lost my primary motivation to continue the work,
and, in the absense of the replacement team, hereby declare the LiveCD
project to be officially dead. The demand for it doesn't matter for me
and, by itself, won't resurrect the project.

The latest LFS LiveCD version will still remain available on the mirrors.

Here is an incomplete backlog of ready things to be investigated for
merging (or maybe just thrown away due to lack of manpower to maintain
them--but note that they do exist on the LiveCD that was essentially
maintained by me alone):

 * XIM-based input. Absolutely required for Chinese, Japanese, Corean
and some other languages. Described at, even
including a testcase that allows to see easily whether it works.
Confirmed for Chinese on IRC by a native speaker.

 * Initramfs. Absolutely required for booting from non-standard
devices such as dmraid (which is required on some fakeraid controllers
for dual-booting with Windows on the same RAID), LVM2 or just SCSI
controllers that require firmware.

 * Accessibility-related packages (currently, only for the Linux console).

 * GPM in LFS (this is an optional dependency of ncurses, allows you
to click through dialogs created with the "dialog" package on the
Linux text console).

 * Hibernation, either with the "hibernate" script (as implemented on
the CD) or with a more modern (but not fully working for me) pm-utils

 * file for system-wide changes to the confgure script. I
use it for forcing the i486 compilation, setting optimization flags
and removal of static libraries.

 * Compiling on fast machines (e.g., Core 2 Duo) for lower processors
(e.g., i486) and deploying the result.

 * x86_64 support.

Also, since the LFS LiveCD no longer exists, the LFS book page about
the host requirements has to be modified. Maybe we should list LiveCDs
that come with gcc and a recent-enough kernel. However, the only live
ISO files known to me that come with gcc are Knoppix (but the latest
version is available only as a huge DVD) and Zenwalk (Slackware-based,
and thus too buggy, especially when it comes to non-English language
support). Any other alternatives?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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