Custom LiveCD Kernel

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue Mar 11 05:16:31 PDT 2008

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Yeah, you're missing the initramfs and the init scripts that tell the 
> kernel to continue loading the system from the CD, not from a partition 
> as it would usually do.
> I can't recall off-hand if Alex wrote anything about how to include the 
> initramfs into a custom kernel. For starters, look through the README on 
> the CD.

LFS LiveCD doesn't include the initramfs into the kernel at all. If you compile 
all drivers statically and use a non-empty EXTRAVERSION when compiling the 
kernel, the stock initramfs should work. If it doesn't, please download LFS 
LiveCD 6.3-r2160, it comes with a create-initramfs script that is used for 
initramfs creation, and the new remastering HOWTO that explains how to use it.

See also, 
with some typos fixed in, these 
two links explain how to make your own LiveCD. Please report if they work for 
you, if they contain any other typos or omissions, and what should be explained 

Alexander E. Patrakov

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