LFS LiveCD Boot Failure - Disk error 10

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Mar 9 14:40:37 PDT 2008

Ross Bearman wrote:
> I found a spare 160Gb IDE hard drive laying around and so thought I'd 
> try LFS scratch again. On my previous attempts I'd found getting the 
> correct versions of the necessary applications a nightmare, and the 
> liveCD refused to boot on my other machines. Now that I had a spare hard 
> drive I could put it into my main machine which I hoped I'd have more 
> luck with.
> For the first time it actually managed to boot up to the isolinux loader 
> (blue and grey logo with the orange and black console) however after 
> pressing [Enter] to boot I receive the following message:
>     boot:
>     Loading isolinux: Disk error 10, AX = 4280, drive EF
>     Boot failed: press a key to retry...

I assume you are trying to boot the CD in the usual way? I.e., from an 
actual CD-ROM drive and a burned CD-R or CD-RW disc? If so, at this 
early stage of the boot process, the problem cannot be your hard disk.

You get an error before the kernel is even loaded. (Btw, unless you 
typed in 'isolinux', the message you see must say 'Loading linux'). This 
means that the boot loader is having trouble reading the disc. Very 
likely, you CD-ROM drive is faulty or dirty, or your disc is dirty or 
scratched, or it wasn't successfully burned.


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