Just wondering...

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Mon Jul 14 19:38:36 PDT 2008

Luke McDaniel wrote:
> When using the lfs-livecd, it is an environment created specifically
> for the purpose of installing linux from scratch.
> I keep having problems when running the 'dummy.c' test, i get back an
> empty return. Either I'm wrong, and it's a good thing,

The book very clearly tells you what should be expected. Anything else 
(including no output at all) is bad.

> or it's not good and i have a problem with not su'ing at the right
> time. I'm not a novice at using linux, it's just i don't have that
> much practice at installing SO MUCH stuff from source(that's why I'm
> trying this) and I'm trying to get a completely customized
> installation(again, that's why I'm trying this).  Is there something
> that isn't predominately announced in the book that I need to be
> doing, or is there just some hint I've missed along the way that will
> fix all of this? Thanks for any and all help.
> Luke

Can't really help without more information. For starters, where exactly 
are you in the book, and did you deviate in any way from it.


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