What next?

Harvey Muller hlmuller at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 27 17:11:37 PST 2008

Instead of just reading the conversation, I'd like to
add to it.  These ramblings are from someone who's
linux lineage looks like this:

Mandrake --> Suse --> Gentoo --> LFS --> Ubuntu

That spans a mere 5 years.  Of those distributions,
Gentoo and LFS were the most instrumental in shining
light into the dark corners of the OS.  And of those
two, LFS was the MosT educational by far.  That was in
fact the reason I spent 6 months on it.

Specific thoughts:

Although I managed to build LFS/CLFS with other
distributions, I always preferred the LFS LiveCD.

It seems in the previous LiveCD topic that the general
opinion is that the LiveCD should be built strictly
per the LFS manual.  I do not understand how this is
possible, as there is a difference between an OS
running from harddisk and one running from LiveCD or
LiveUSB.  My preference would be LiveUSB, as I don't
have to throw away so many CDs.  Just my two cents on
that topic.

The only thing keeping me from using LFS/CLFS as
fulltime/all-the-time learning distribution is that it
has not adopted a package management system whether
simple or complex.  And what I am personally keenly
interested in, is how you build a distribution from
scratch while integrating a package management system.

Other magic that occurs which I would like to
understand is how 'we' develop/identify the patches
which the normal user such as myself applies blindly. 
I am specifically curious about this process.

Lastly, I express thanks to those running the main and
subprojects and all the other 'invisible' folks that
toil away on their labor of love.  Your work has been
instrumental in helping me learn how an OS is put
together from pieces.

Best regards,


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