LiveCD or No LiveCD?

Matthias Feichtinger asdf at
Mon Feb 25 10:07:50 PST 2008

This is Everyone answering Jeremy Huntwork:-)

>It has recently been suggested to me that the LFS LiveCD project be

By whom?

>The main arguments for this are, essentially: 
>1) It is currently unmaintained

That doesn't matter at all.

>2) It removes the essential prerequisite of being able to configure a
>Linux system


>3) It leads to less testing from other hosts

Sorry, I'm using it much more than any other Live CD!

>4) A seeming lack of community interest in contributing. Especially,
>essential testing (and reports on the results of tests!) on varied
>hardware does not seem to be taking place

As far as I can judge hardware is more and more unified as industry
is concentrating. So less feedback doesn't mean Live CD is used less :-)

>As you may guess, I have mixed feelings about this. 

Trust yout feeling and don't give up :-)

>But after reflecting on it a bit, my hesitancy to agree comes mostly from 
>personal attachmentto the CD and perhaps not what is best for LFS.

Having no Linux at all on a host, everyone can start building using
the Live CD, isn't that great?

>At this point I need community input. 

I do understand!

>I realize that many of you may use 
>and appreciate the CD, just as I do. 

Couldn't everything be fine now?

>But realistically, this project 
>will die of its own if it does not get some help. 

Sorry for being occupied by my job heavily  =8-[

>I have some energy and some ideas to put back into the project, but only
>if I get some help with development and testing. 

I'd like to help, really!

>I need to know two things: 

>* Does the community still want the LiveCD project? 

YES                          YES
>(Consider that a couple of the arguments above imply 
>that the LFS LiveCD by its nature is 
>degrading the quality of LFS)

OK, starting considering :-)

>* If so, is the community prepared to lend help in keeping it alive?

I can't speak for the community, just for my person and I say

>If the answer to both questions is not a solid yes, I'm afraid that
>we'll have no choice but to kill the project.

No killing.
There's enough killing.
The Live CD never should be killed, Yes, it's some kind of compromise
in some way, but why not have some compromise than sudden death?

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