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Thu May 17 13:27:20 PDT 2007


I guess LFS is not for the ignorants like me, but I think there is a
potential for LFS live CD. As soon as I can master the required skills, will
revive the LFS live CD project.


On 5/17/07, Alexander E. Patrakov <patrakov at> wrote:
> Tim Arnold wrote:
> > As I said  "I'm currently trying to install linux from scratch on a
> blank
> > hard drive off of the live CD." - notfrom another build enviroment....
> > from thelive cd enviroment.....
> You could at least have tried Knoppix, or practicing in VMware before
> attempting the build and complaining.
> OK, from now on, there will be NO NEW VERSIONS of LFS Live CD. I.e., the
> project is dead.
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