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Mon May 28 00:10:30 PDT 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> lists wrote:
>>> binutils64, gcc64: installed into /tools, used for building a 64-bit kernel. 
>>> There is no need to install a 64-bit glibc (trick: make all-gcc). Thanks to 
>>> cross-lfs for providing information on cross-compilation, including this trick.
>> Maybe an errata page or section for little things like this until such
>> time as the book is changed to include 64bit builds. The 64bit builds
>> are increasing as the shops stop carrying 32 bit machines.
> Just use CLFS instead of LFS (but you'll lose UTF-8 support).
I do Alex, but when 32 bit is not being sold any more in the stores,
will not LFS be redone to be 64 bit? [ OT to the livecd anyway :) ]

>>> hal: used only by xfce, requires a kernel patch for correct iocharset 
>>> handling. Possible candidate for removal because of that.
>> hal is also used by a number of blfs packages, but it's not required for
>> building the base system.
> But BLFS packages that could use HAL are not on the CD, are they?

ahh, xfree is, and it can use hal, xfce is ;)

>>> iproute2: some non-LFS users complain that there is no "ifconfig" on the CD, 
>>> maybe add net-tools too? see
>> My static ip network means when I'm working on a system build using the
>> livecd, I have to reconfigure the network, ifconfig would be simpler.
> Have you tried the "net-setup" script?
when working off the cd? how to change a burnt livecd to have the
net-setup script not use dhcp by default?
a tool that will simply allow for quick alteration to meet the needs of
the minority would be nice, but it isn't needed as a required item.
running the net-setup script every time you boot the livecd is just as
much a pain as running ifconfig, both are less of a pain than
remastering the cd to change the configuration default.  which is my
original point, static ips are not the norm any more, most use dhcp and
the livecd is configuring the network interfaces fine. the standard tool
has been ifconfig for a long time, it's the command people expect to use
to reconfigure an interface. [ it took me a couple of hours of searching
to find the net-setup script when I first needed to change the nic to a
static ip. ]


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