Notes for the new maintainer: packages

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Sun May 27 04:18:44 PDT 2007

Here is a list of packages on the CD that have some notes:

915resolution: needed in order to get native resolution on some laptops with 
  Intel graphics cards. Made obsolete by the xf86-video-intel driver that is 
not on the CD (because it is post-7.2 material).

brltty: requested by a blind user, can be tested by booting the CD in qemu 
with the following command line:

linux DISPLAY= brltty=xw,,xx

where xx is the Braille table (e.g., "fr_FR"). Probably became broken in 
UTF-8 locales when LFS dropped the UTF-8 kernel patch. Certainly does not 
work with USB braille displays, because it still tries to access 
/proc/bus/usb. Debian has a patch that makes brltty use libusb on Linux.

LFS-BOOK: also used to put sources to /lfs-sources (works with development 
book only, because of the wget-list target in the LFS Makefile)

Mesa, DRI: used by xlockmore. Some video drivers don't build without DRI.

URI: dependency of xfce

Xorg: this has a lot of deviations from the book. First, all of the legacy 
bitmap fonts are disabled, and only Xft-aware applications are used on the 
CD. The server is prohibited from listening on TCP connections via the 
xserverrc file created in the Xorg-base package. Video card detection is 
done via udev rules generated in the "xorg-udev-rules" package, based on the 
PCI IDs that each video driver claims to support.

alsa: for xfmedia (a media player). There was also a plan to add festival 
and the "speakup" kernel patch.

anthy and all scim-related packages: used by Asian people, see more 
information at

binutils64, gcc64: installed into /tools, used for building a 64-bit kernel. 
There is no need to install a 64-bit glibc (trick: make all-gcc). Thanks to 
cross-lfs for providing information on cross-compilation, including this trick.

blfs-bootscripts: has a patch for autostarting ssh daemon (untested) and a 
replacement pppoe network service. See more information about pppoe setup at (ignore the pcall bit, it was 
added only to applease Randy so that he doesn't cry about passwords stored 
in cleartext on the hard disk, even though that is what all distros do)

cdrtools, zisofs-tools: installed into /tools, so that they can be called 
with the root.ext2 file unmounted. The BLFS patches are not applied because 
the CD uses only ASCII filenames for files stored directly on it.

dbus: used only by xfce and xfmedia

ddccontrol: you must have a Samsung monitor in order to test it

device-mapper: used by LVM2, dmraid, and the CD itself. Installation of the 
static library is a left-over from the 6.2 CD, which had a statically linked 
binary /init in initramfs.

dialog: used by the configurators that run during boot, and by the net-setup 

distcc: untested

dmraid: needed by people who have fakeraid cards and dual-boot with Windows. 
You can test it without a fakeraid card (even in qemu), by reading header 
files in lib/format/ataraid (lsi.h is very simple) and creating fake 
metadata with a hex editor.

fontconfig: Japanese is handled incorrectly (AR PL New Sung font is chosen 
by default instead of Kochi, fix unknown)

fonts-*: feel free to add more of them, for better Unicode coverage

fuse: used by NTFS-related programs

gc: used only by w3m

gcc33: the library is absolutely needed by the proprietary 
"fglrx" driver (dropped because it is too fat).

gpm: has deviations from the book, documented at Copying-and-pasting 
non-ASCII characters in UTF-8 console mode is broken.

hal: used only by xfce, requires a kernel patch for correct iocharset 
handling. Possible candidate for removal because of that.

hibernate-script: do not upgrade. Versions later than 1.91 call scriptlets 
more than once, and our network scripts don't like that.

imlib, imlib2: used only by w3m

iproute2: some non-LFS users complain that there is no "ifconfig" on the CD, 
maybe add net-tools too? see

kbd: some additional keymaps are installed

libaal, reiser4progs: currently disabled because there is no kernel patch 
that works reliably out of the box (or maybe there is, but things will break 
again with the 2.6.22 kernel). GRUB patch from their site has issues, please 
make sure you don't overoptimize. The 6.2-5 CD handles the situation correctly.

libnotify, notification-daemon-xfce: currently they display messages when it 
is safe to remove a flash disk. Before upgrading from Gaim to Pidgin, chat 
notifications were also displayed there - but gaim-libnotify is not 
compatible with Pidgin. These packages are candidates for removal (see also 

librcc, librcd, taglib: taglib (used by xfmedia) is patched in order to 
display id3v1 tags according to the de-facto standards. See for the description 
of the issue

librsvg: some icons provided by xfce are available in SVG format only

libsexy: used only by notification-daemon-xfce, candidate for removal

translated manual pages: outdated, were useful only in order to demonstrate 
how man-db works before UTF-8 support got merged into LFS. Remove?

msmtp: used my Mutt and Tin, so please don't remove if you add native SMTP 
support to Mutt.

Mutt: native SMTP support is not used because it depends on Cyrus SASL 
(which is fat).

ncftp: has problems with command line editing (e.g., Home and End keys), and 
lftp probably can do everything better. Remove?

nfs-utils: there is a new upstream version, and one may want to add NFS4 support

oui-data: used by net-setup

pcmcia-cs: used only for CIS overrides (fake firmware), untested

pcmciautils: untested

pidgin: Archaic said that he doesn't like the automatic login to the LFS IRC 

vbetool: used by hibernate-script, untested

wireless_tools: untested, WPA support is missing

xchat: we have three other IRC clients on the CD. Remove?

zlib: installed in /tools, too, because of zisofs-tools

Alexander E. Patrakov

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