Proposal for the LiveCD project

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Fri May 18 08:32:16 PDT 2007

Steve Prior wrote:
> I understand Alexanders frustration in the kind of questions that
> get asked on this list and how people are tempted to try to cheat
> the book with the LiveCD.  However I think that the LiveCD
> project is quite valuable for the LFS project when used properly - it
> has been my favorite way to install LFS on the last few machines
> I've built and I have in fact used it as a rescue CD.
> I think the problem is not so much the LiveCD distribution itself,
> but this mailing list which gets misused for end user support.


> I therefore propose that the livecd mailing list be made closed and
> invitation only.  That way people would be forced to use the user list
> unless they are contributing directly to the LiveCD development effort.
> Some kind of mechanism could be worked out for someone to request to
> be invited.

Not sure. There were some critical bug reports about packages that I don't 
use (e.g. xfsprogs miscompilation that resulted from disabling static 
libraries globally). If we close the list, the CD will become just a 
junkpile of untested binaries (but I am afraid that it _is_ such a junkpile 
now - too many packages per one maintainer).

> If this cuts down the frustration of LiveCD development and keeps
> future development happening I think it would be well worth it.

Your intentions are all good, but there is one more failure: the readers 
sometimes don't understand that the Official LFS LiveCD is not needed in 
order to install LFS onto a blank machine. Moreover, (sorry, Steve) the 
presence of this CD results in less-than-optimal testing of buildability of 
LFS from other hosts. This is solvable within the book itself, but my 
previous attempt to negotiate such solution failed, see

Alexander E. Patrakov

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