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Thu May 17 06:26:31 PDT 2007


       I'm currently trying to install linux from scratch on a blank
hard drive off of the live CD. Everything goes fine until I try to
install binutils... setting up the lfs user group and the lfs user---
I can't "configure" .... it tells me I don't have permission...  and
when I try to su itdoesn't accept my password.  so my question is ....
am I missing something??  Is there a trick to doing this with the cd
thats not in the book? ....setting up permissions different maybe??

....   this is where I think i start to go wrong .... I'm up to 5.3 .

I couldn't "configure" from the shell so I went into the CD root and configured

I made it up to the following command (chapt 5.3)   in the CD root
before things went screwy

make -C ld LIB_PATH=/tools/lib
gave me this errormake: ***LIB_PATH=/tools/lib: no such file directory

possibly something in the chapt 4.3 scripts and the live CD??


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