error using hibernate

Je Co hulcjje at
Thu Mar 8 13:07:44 PST 2007

"Alexander E. Patrakov" <patrakov at> wrote: Je Co wrote:
> Hello,
> For some days now, i'm googling around to search for an awnser why my 
> LiveCd x86-6.2-3 won't hibernate.
> At boot: linux resume=/dev/hda2
> at prompt: swapon /dev/hda2
> at prompt: hibernate
> it returns:
> '/bin/echo: write error : cannot allocate memory'

It looks like you have not formatted the swap partition with "mkswap 
/dev/hda2" before running swapon. Please verify that you have a non-zero 
amount of swap available with the "free" command.

Alexander E. Patrakov

Pretty sure formatted the swap partition, but formatted it again.
Free gives total of swap 204112 total, used 80 and free 204032, seems ok to me. But, still same write error.


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