[RFC] Kernel and initramfs plans

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Mar 4 21:47:18 PST 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> After going to a fully modular kernel, it has to do complex parsing of the 
> command line (such as "load=qlogicfas blacklist=ne2k-pci"), which is better 
> done in a language specially suited to that. Besides, some users want to 
> know how it works, and this option is completely withdrawn from them with 
> binary init. Third, everyone uses shell-based initramfs.

Well, everyone uses unionfs, too. ;) But I say that just for the sake of 
saying. You've convinced me. To me, it sounds like you should go fully 
modular and load drivers from initramfs. If it requires a shell-based 
init, so be it.


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