r1917 - 64bit

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Mon Jun 11 19:17:39 PDT 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> lists wrote:
>> nv driver artifact is gone.
>> not showing on the x install on the cd at all.
> I must say that I have done nothing to fix it.
There was a similar bug in the db on freedesktop, probably fixed both
issues at the same time when fixing that one.

>> I had to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill x though, when joe crashed on trying
>> to open the cd remastering file from in xfce. no support for opening a
>> terminal to use joe / nano / vim automatically seems to have been the
>> culprit.  joe, nano, vim and vim-gtk all worked great on the 64 bit system.
> Thanks for the bug report.

well, "DEADJOE" is about as useful. ;)

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