r1917 - 64bit

lists lists at jaqui-greenlees.net
Mon Jun 11 08:11:28 PDT 2007

nv driver artifact is gone.
not showing on the x install on the cd at all.

I had to Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill x though, when joe crashed on trying
to open the cd remastering file from in xfce. no support for opening a
terminal to use joe / nano / vim automatically seems to have been the
culprit.  joe, nano, vim and vim-gtk all worked great on the 64 bit system.

successful configure, make and make install of binutils.

network reconfiguration to static ip successful.

seems to be far slower responding than the 6.2 cd was, in xfce.
6 minute configure make make install of binutils was definately faster :)

I'll test on a 32bit system, with an ATI chipset card, ee how that
works. [ the one with the sis 900 network interface ]


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