LiveCD rebuild help requested

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Mon Jun 11 00:26:29 PDT 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> All chipset-specific video drivers, except "nv", contain a full list of 
> supported PCI IDs. The "nv" driver contains only a partial list, and in fact 
> supports more than it advertises. In this case, the words "Unknown NVIDIA 
> chip" appear in the log. Does this apply to your card?

The nv driver for x leaves artifacts if you shut the xserver down, with
my nvidia chipset card.
The nvidia proprietary driver resolves the issue.
The card is actually branded Asus, it uses the nvidia tc 6800 chipset.

I know that including the proprietary drivers is not going to happen, I
just figure that getting it known that the nv driver may not be the best
option for an nvidia chipset is a good idea.

The artifact is the mouse cursor in the lower right quadrant of the
display. This persists in both a no x environment after shutting x down,
as well as coming back from power save screen blanking or screensaver.

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