Status on G965 as of r1903

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Sun Jun 10 16:06:20 PDT 2007

Just wanted to add my experience here. Things mostly work on my Intel
G965 system using pata_jmicron. The initramfs is still racy with pata
and I get a good amount of failing to create the lfs-cd node. It seems
this always happen when I pass vga=789 (even with rootdelay=10), but I
can't imagine how that would affect things besides the race. I haven't
looked at the init script in detail yet. This also doesn't include
your retry commits from earlier today. I'm gonna try out the
remastering and start fooling around.

I also tried toram. Wow, it makes a huge difference. Seemed to work
fine in my limited testing. I have 2GB of ram, if you're wondering.

Otherwise, everything seems to work well. I haven't tried to see the
Xv bugs on xf86-video-intel. It's really not high priority for me.
I'll check if you want me to, though.


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