LiveCD rebuild help requested

Roger Young r.young at
Sat Jun 9 06:05:31 PDT 2007

Thanks for your reply Jaqui.
It was just the help I needed.

I found that I had problems compiling
the ethernet driver from the build directory
because of the conflict between the LiveCD
kernel and my current one. The solution
I found was to boot to the LiveCD, then
compile and copy the module to the hard disk
after noting the installation path. I also
copied over modules.dep and one or two other
files. Then I rebooted, followed the remastering
proceedure and copied the module into its
correct location under the LiveCD root directory.

Burnt the CD and it worked perfectly (located
the network adapter)!

Many thanks for your help.
Roger Young.


On Fri, 08 Jun 2007 07:31:13 -0700
lists <lists at> wrote:

> Roger Young wrote:
> > (I sent this before but it may not have arrived)
> > 
> > Hello, I am new to LFS though have had a few
> > years experience with Linux (Slackware). I would
> > like to use LFS LiveCD as a standalone rescue
> > disk, and it works fine on my system except for
> > the network card. In my case I have an ethernet 
> > adapter which connects to a router
> > (and through that to the internet). The ethernet
> > adapter is the onboard Attansic L1 Gigabit.
> > For my Slackware linux system I compiled the driver 
> > supplied by ASUS as a module: atl1.o.
> > 
> > The ethernet adapter on my ASUS m/b is not
> > recognized by LiveCD. So I would like to be able 
> > to rebuild the LFS LiveCD to include the Attansic 
> > ethernet driver.
> > 
> > I followed the procedure described in the 
> > lfscd-remastering-howto up to the point:
> > 
> >> In the chroot, change the current directory to /build, and install any
> >> additional packages you want. Modify other files as necessary.
> > 
> > This is where I am uncertain how to proceed: specifically
> > how can I compile and install the Attansic driver for the 
> > LiveCD kernel (2.6.16)? As far as I can determine there are 
> > no compilers included with the CD. And what about header 
> > files and so on?
> The LFS livecd is a "sane build environment" it has the lfs sources,
> gcc, etc needed to use the os as a build platform to compile linux on
> your hardware.
> the usual ./configure && make && make install are fully functional.
> though the lfs book , specially for the livecd has a couple of configure
> options that are useful, such as not using localization.
> Jaqui
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