LiveCD rebuild help requested

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Fri Jun 8 07:31:13 PDT 2007

Roger Young wrote:
> (I sent this before but it may not have arrived)
> Hello, I am new to LFS though have had a few
> years experience with Linux (Slackware). I would
> like to use LFS LiveCD as a standalone rescue
> disk, and it works fine on my system except for
> the network card. In my case I have an ethernet 
> adapter which connects to a router
> (and through that to the internet). The ethernet
> adapter is the onboard Attansic L1 Gigabit.
> For my Slackware linux system I compiled the driver 
> supplied by ASUS as a module: atl1.o.
> The ethernet adapter on my ASUS m/b is not
> recognized by LiveCD. So I would like to be able 
> to rebuild the LFS LiveCD to include the Attansic 
> ethernet driver.
> I followed the procedure described in the 
> lfscd-remastering-howto up to the point:
>> In the chroot, change the current directory to /build, and install any
>> additional packages you want. Modify other files as necessary.
> This is where I am uncertain how to proceed: specifically
> how can I compile and install the Attansic driver for the 
> LiveCD kernel (2.6.16)? As far as I can determine there are 
> no compilers included with the CD. And what about header 
> files and so on?

The LFS livecd is a "sane build environment" it has the lfs sources,
gcc, etc needed to use the os as a build platform to compile linux on
your hardware.
the usual ./configure && make && make install are fully functional.
though the lfs book , specially for the livecd has a couple of configure
options that are useful, such as not using localization.


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