r1903 not booting

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Tue Jun 5 06:42:30 PDT 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> lists wrote:
>> The r1903 build of the livecd will not complete booting on a dell
>> inspiron 3000.
>> unfortunately the list of errors isn't logged, since the boot doesn't
>> finish for me to save them. [ 4 screens of error messages scrolling by ]
>> They consist of device not accepting id error messages.
> Looks like USB errors, should be irrelevant. I suspect that there is another 
> error message scrolled up by them.
could be, I'll check now.

> Also, I had a similar bug report filed to me privately (but in that case USB 
> messages were relevant, because of USB CD-ROM). In that case it was a BIOS 
> or chipset bug causing IRQs to be misrouted. The workaround for the 6.2-5 CD 
> was to type "linux noapic nolapic pci=noacpi acpi=off" at the boot prompt, 
> and I never got a response about 6.3-preX CDs. If this works for you, please 
> report the minimum required subset of those workarounds.
These will help to see what is going wrong.

> As for inability to save boot messages: 6.3-pre2-rXXXX CDs have a debugging 
> shell where you can press Shift+PgUp enough times and take a photo of the 
> screen with your digital camera or a cellphone (due to mail size limits on 
> this list, please send such photos to me privately). Also, there are some 
> commands that you can type in the debugging shell in order to debug the problem:
> cat /proc/modules
> cat /proc/interrupts
> echo /dev/*
>> I'll test the build on the other two systems I have available, both of
>> which run every other livecd I have tried.
> Thanks in advance.
send another error about one already, the other works perfectly.
I'll put a hardware list together for the one that worked, to match the
one on the failed "kernel panic" system. Not going to rush it, a dual
core am2 3800+ system it works is the important part. a hardware
compatability list is the only use of the working hardware list.

>> Since this is such an old system that is failing, I'm not sure if a
>> properly filed bug report is needed, how many people are going to use
>> such an old notebook?
> Any bug must be fixed. Your cooperation is welcome.

no problem.


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