r1903 not booting

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Tue Jun 5 05:08:30 PDT 2007

lists wrote:
> The r1903 build of the livecd will not complete booting on a dell
> inspiron 3000.
> unfortunately the list of errors isn't logged, since the boot doesn't
> finish for me to save them. [ 4 screens of error messages scrolling by ]
> They consist of device not accepting id error messages.

Looks like USB errors, should be irrelevant. I suspect that there is another 
error message scrolled up by them.

Also, I had a similar bug report filed to me privately (but in that case USB 
messages were relevant, because of USB CD-ROM). In that case it was a BIOS 
or chipset bug causing IRQs to be misrouted. The workaround for the 6.2-5 CD 
was to type "linux noapic nolapic pci=noacpi acpi=off" at the boot prompt, 
and I never got a response about 6.3-preX CDs. If this works for you, please 
report the minimum required subset of those workarounds.

As for inability to save boot messages: 6.3-pre2-rXXXX CDs have a debugging 
shell where you can press Shift+PgUp enough times and take a photo of the 
screen with your digital camera or a cellphone (due to mail size limits on 
this list, please send such photos to me privately). Also, there are some 
commands that you can type in the debugging shell in order to debug the problem:

cat /proc/modules
cat /proc/interrupts
echo /dev/*

> I'll test the build on the other two systems I have available, both of
> which run every other livecd I have tried.

Thanks in advance.

> Since this is such an old system that is failing, I'm not sure if a
> properly filed bug report is needed, how many people are going to use
> such an old notebook?

Any bug must be fixed. Your cooperation is welcome.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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