r1903 not booting

lists lists at jaqui-greenlees.net
Tue Jun 5 02:59:27 PDT 2007

The r1903 build of the livecd will not complete booting on a dell
inspiron 3000.

unfortunately the list of errors isn't logged, since the boot doesn't
finish for me to save them. [ 4 screens of error messages scrolling by ]
They consist of device not accepting id error messages.

I changed the cdrom since the old 4X toshiba cd the system comes with
may not be working right, but the same errors came up.

Currently, the system is running mandrake 8.2, the newest distro version
it would accept. [ kernel 2.24 ] I do remember getting a 2.6 kernel
running on an inspiron 3200, p2 system, so I should be able to run a 2.6
kernel on this one.
[ the differences are a p1 vs a p2, both notebooks at 233 MHz cpu. ]

I'll test the build on the other two systems I have available, both of
which run every other livecd I have tried.

Since this is such an old system that is failing, I'm not sure if a
properly filed bug report is needed, how many people are going to use
such an old notebook?


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