r1952 and older hardware

lists lists at jaqui-greenlees.net
Tue Jul 31 06:32:42 PDT 2007

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> I wrote:
> (sorry for line wrapping)
>> Could you please try booting the CD as follows (try each line in the 
>> given order - lines at the bottom will be _very_ slow):
>> linux clock=pit ide=nodma

 at least to get to the cli.
I'll test the rest of r1952 on it later on today, I need to replace the
network card, the connector pin set for the cat5 cable is damaged on the
pcmcia card.

Sometimes "dumpster divers" find useful computer equipment for testing
stuff on, though laptops are not very common at all. I paid $10.00 CDN
for this beast.

and $12.00 CDN for an AMD Sempron 2500+ system complete with oem
recovery winxp cd. [ no kvm, but I can't expect everything at the cheap
price I pay ;) ]

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