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#1735: Full and minimal x86_64 CDs
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 The x86_64 branch was created as a way to test building a x86_64 CD
 without breaking trunk. Right now it is basically a clone of the minimal
 branch. As I go through the build, it seems very likely that there will be
 only a few, minor changes. Namely:

 * Add the /tools/lib directory and /tools/lib64 -> lib symlink
 * Add the /lib64 -> lib and /usr/lib64 ->  lib symlinks
 * Add --disable-multilib to all gcc sections (harmless to x86)
 * Rework the adjusting toolchain sections to work for the x86_64 dynamic

 Seeing that there won't be a need to completely re-work the build due to
 cross-compiling methods, and that the changes are so few, I'm considering
 the possibility of eventually working this into trunk, so that the scripts
 could again build either the x86 CD or X86_64 natively. Thoughts?

 However we do it, I'm opening up this ticket to track the task of building
 first a minimal x86_64 CD, and possibly afterwards a full x86_64 CD.

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