LiveCD Users

Craig Jackson craigmjackson at
Mon Jul 23 12:57:14 PDT 2007

> 1) What version of the CD do you use/have?

Currently, 6.2-5.  For LFS 5.x production server builds, I use a
LiveCD 5.x build I have archived.

> 2) What do you use the CD most for?

Building LFS and CLFS.  I will use X on the CD only if I have no other
way of browsing the net (like another machine).  Otherwise, I use
console due to the extreme performance hit of X when run from the
LiveCD. (Not sure why this is).

> 3) What are the most useful parts of the CD to you?

The fact it is a clean environment to build X, without worrying about
the kernel version or getting complaints of automake not being the
perfect version etc.

> 4) What is the most annoying or useless bits of the CD?

IPRoute.  I can hack the init scripts a bit to get it to work, but its
command line parameters are not very intuitive.  This was my least
favorite upgrade from 5.x.  I do understand the need for the update.
(IPv6 support).

> 5) What would you change/add/improve?

I would love a simple installer that copies the contents of the livecd
to a "safe OS" partition, from which to build LFS or CLFS or whatever.
 I know, I know, I should write a script.  I am only reluctant to do
so because I am told it would not be in the spirit of LFS to have it
all done for you.  I would not use it this way, it would be the OS I
build it from, not my final product.  There are plenty of great
features on the LiveCD that I would not include in my final customized
build.  I would leave this theoretical LiveCD image on my hard drive
until another major release of LiveCD came out.

> Of course any other thoughts or comments are welcome. We really just
> need to get an idea of how useful our project is to the community. If
> it's too much work to answer the above, just a short reply saying you
> use the CD would be helpful, too.

Ironically, I have worked at places that are Windows-only and as soon
as it is introduced, we use this livecd regularly to recover data from
systems.  Windows is very picky about mounting an NTFS partition that
has errors, but Linux doesn't seem to mind so much.  (If you think
this is immoral, think about all the people that suddenly like Linux
so much more after seeing its ability to do this) :)

> Thanks in advance,

No, thank you Jerermy and company.  You truly have built the ultimate
boot cd as far as I'm concerned. :)

Craig Jackson

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