How I booted the CD on a non-bootable drive...

Lauri Kasanen curaga at
Fri Jul 20 06:11:52 PDT 2007

Hi y'all.

First I wanna thank you for making a great livecd.

Then I'd like to tell how I used it with my Toshiba Satellite 200cds.
It cannot boot from cd, and smart boot manager doesn't recognize the cd

I tried making a two-floppy system that could chroot into the cd.
It became kinda good, but no matter what I tried, it had the kernel bug
of not proceeding into init on 586. Tried several kernel versions..

Then I gave up for some months. I got used to DSL, a nice small distro.
By messing with it I learned lots of booting live cds.

So now I was able to boot LFS livecd (6.2-3) on this lappy!

I booted a single-floppyer known to boot well and have iso9660 fs
support, Zool 4. In it I copied the contents of /boot/isolinux of the
livecd into /boot of the HD.

Then I booted DSL with it's boot floppy to install grub.
And by DSL methods: set up grub to boot that livecd kernel, with the
same initramfs, and it booted.

So, solution for non-cd-booting comps: Boot from HD with the same files
and load the data from CD, like one of DSL's possible installs.

I only subscribed to tell this, so if you have comments or stuff, please
CC me.

I'm now off to building LFS 6.2 on this lappy: P1-100Mhz!


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