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Wed Jul 18 14:09:37 PDT 2007

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm aware that this is perhaps a little off-topic for the -dev list, but
> I feel that this thread could really help future development of the CD,
> so please bear with me and help me out with as much feedback as you can
> muster. :)
> The LiveCD project rarely hears much back from its end users, unless
> someone has a problem booting, or understanding how to use the CD, or
> having trouble building LFS (in which case they're talking to the wrong
> list anyway).
> The effect is that we really have no idea who uses the CD, how useful
> certain features/aspects of it are, what things may need to be improved
> and so on. So please, if you use the LFS LiveCD, please reply to this
> thread (on whatever list you read it), and if possible, provide the
> following info:
> 1) What version of the CD do you use/have?
> 2) What do you use the CD most for?
> 3) What are the most useful parts of the CD to you?
> 4) What is the most annoying or useless bits of the CD?
> 5) What would you change/add/improve?
> Of course any other thoughts or comments are welcome. We really just
> need to get an idea of how useful our project is to the community. If
> it's too much work to answer the above, just a short reply saying you
> use the CD would be helpful, too.
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> JH

Hi there!

I'm really glad to see that there is interest in continuing and 
enhancing the live cd, as it is a great piece of work.

I've been using the current version for many months and frequently check 
the website to monitor the status of all the projects.

My use of the live cd involves  remastering it to function as a bootable 
firewall/gateway for my soho. It loads a custom iptables config and 
establishes and maintains a connection to my isp, amongst other things.

I have also remastered it to act as a customized development environment 
for the remastering of future livecd's as well as building an LFS via 
jhalfs(another great thing)

In terms of changes, one thing I always hack is the 'helper' script to 
prevent the cd from ejecting and just reboot immediately. I'd also like 
to have 'which' included in future versions, but I can always include it 
my self. There are probably other features I'd like to suggest, and I'll 
check my project notes and repost.

Recently, I started using the X window environment to assist in building 
a BLFS. I have noticed two bugs, which I will post in detail on the 
bugzilla. Briefly, if the left or right arrow keys are used while in 
mozilla, it crashes. Also, if I mount a disk and or a usb drive, mozilla 
will not start complaining about a bus error.

All in all, I can't say enough about this project and the entire LFS 
concept in general. It has been my distro of choice for some time and 
will remain so for as long as you kind folks keep donating your time and 

Looking forward to the next version!!!


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