Christoph Ostarek btwotch at
Thu Jul 5 04:37:14 PDT 2007

Sorry, but as Jeremy wrote:
Just a FYI, this is an isolinux problem. I haven't investigated it very
far, but when booting isolinux on an Intel Macintosh you have about a 1
in 10 chance of getting the keyboard to work at the prompt. Usually if
you plug in another USB keyboard it's fine. From all appearances, it's a
race condition somewhere.

I think I had this chance 1 in 10 and therefore I thought this live- 
cd would work

Now I tested it again, and keyboard didn't work at bootup, but when  
live-cd booted.
X works in correct resolution :) but without mouse :(
and I can't type the pipe-character ('|'), because I have no ALT-GR  
key. (german-keyboard)
Am 05.07.2007 um 05:00 schrieb Alexander E. Patrakov:

> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> Alexander,
>> Just a FYI, this is an isolinux problem.
> Fixed in the latest isolinux, and thus on the CD.
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> Alexander E. Patrakov
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