Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Jul 4 15:36:19 PDT 2007

Christoph Ostarek wrote:
> Now, some news about the keyboard on macbook.
> Ok, on normal boot, keyboard doesn't work with the lfs-live-cd.
> But: I simply installed refit on my usb-stick and I booted from usb  
> and then from cd.
> And it worked great.
> But: only with the 32-bit edition; on 64-bit edition, it didn't


Just a FYI, this is an isolinux problem. I haven't investigated it very 
far, but when booting isolinux on an Intel Macintosh you have about a 1 
in 10 chance of getting the keyboard to work at the prompt. Usually if 
you plug in another USB keyboard it's fine. From all appearances, it's a 
race condition somewhere.

On the LFS LiveCD, this isn't a major problem because we have the 
timeout. On a certain Debian CDs, however, there is no timeout at the 
prompt and you must plug in an external keyboard.


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