Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue Jul 3 11:04:13 PDT 2007

Christoph Ostarek wrote:

> and where can I get the 64-compiler and the tutorial for it?

The CD has only a 32-bit compiler, but a 64-bit kernel is all that is needed 
to follow that book. A 64-bit compiler is build by a 32-bit compiler as one 
of the first steps.

> why isn't there a 64-edition?

1) Because CLFS is a complete fork over LFS. An attempt to create combined 
Makefiles that can build both LFS and CLFS was conducted in 2005 and 
resulted in that crappy 64-bit CD that you downloaded first. The result was 
unmaintainable, because the books are too different and Makefiles were 
plagued with a lot of ifdefs that were easy to get wrong.

2) Because nobody bought me a laptop with a 64-bit CPU yet. Thus, I can't 
compile a 64-bit CD natively myself (on the latest development CD, the 
64-bit kernel is cross-compiled, but cross-compilation doesn't work for all 

If you want to create and maintain your own 64-bit CD, you are welcome to 
use my CD as a base.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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