Christoph Ostarek btwotch at
Tue Jul 3 10:34:34 PDT 2007

and where can I get the 64-compiler and the tutorial for it?
why isn't there a 64-edition?

Am 03.07.2007 um 19:11 schrieb Alexander E. Patrakov:

> Christoph Ostarek wrote:
> (please don't top-post)
>> I haven't really tested for things like that, but wlan doesn't work.
>> (on ubuntu, too)
> AFAIK, some proprietary driver is needed (I don't know all the  
> details). If
> you can build it directly on the CD (don't use linux64, because  
> there is no
> 64-bit compiler on the CD) and it works, please post your findings  
> to the
> list. Then I will add the driver to the CD.
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> Alexander E. Patrakov
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