Boot from ISO.

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Hope this isn't an unwanted intrusion.

Am on the LFS mailing lists and was reading your post(s).
Had some questions and thoughts.

Was wondering how you attempted to boot from the Knoppix iso.

Did you use the CD and cheatcode to boot from the iso or did you mod GRUB 
attempt to boot from the hard drive directly?

Built LFS 6.1.1 last summer. I used the LFS 6.1.1 Live CD as the basis for 
the build. Worked out great.
Am not sure what you mean by losing your configurations.
IIRC, at different stages in the build I only had to issue a few commands to
get back into the proper environment and could then procede to the next 
in the build process.
The machine I built it on was shut down numerous times during the week or so 
it took me to build LFS 6.1.1
It's been a while but, IIRC, it really wasn't a problem.
And, the needed info was in the LFS book that was contained on the CD.

Have the fully functional basic LFS 6.1.1 build on my secondary box. It's a 
good way to
become more familar with Linux. Especially for a Linux novice like me.

Then... got sidetracked by Knoppix and more recently Debian Etch -testing.
Etch is (at least so far) a great distro. Am really impressed with it.

Have what's called a Knoppix 'poor man's install' on my machine. Used the 
cheatcode to copy a Knoppix created file on my WIN98SE-FAT32 partition, and 
now boot with the CD to the prompt and enter knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1 to use 
hd image knoppix saved there.
This may or may not be of any use to you because it treats the HD that 
Knoppix boots from as a read-only CD-Rom. And, permanent program 
installation is not really doable.
It might possible to remount it, and make it write accessible but I've
not had any success with this.

If you have multiple partitions and/or hard drives read-write is not a 
problem. Have a couple of drives and several partitions with ext2, vfat and 
ntfs so it's usable for me this way.
In fact this works nearly as well as the Debain Etch install.

Not sure about the iso boot cheatcode. Haven't got around to trying it. Am 
wondering if it would set the partition the iso is in as read-only.

Have read of folks iso booting using GRUB etc on the Knoppix forums. Not 
just hard drives, but thumb drives etc as well.


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>On 2/27/07, Alexander E. Patrakov <patrakov at> wrote:
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> > I have already bent the rules too much by providing a hint.
> >
>I'm sorry for causing you to bend the rules.
> > Another very slight hint will be mailed to you privately instead of the 
> > information in a week (so that you have a chance to figure it out on 
> > own) - but that's the last hint.
> >
>Any help at all is appreciated.
>I'm affraid to ask my neighbor to burn any more CDs for me, so I'm not
>sure if I can fall back to Debian Etch.  However, thank you for
>mentioning another suitable build environment.
>I've read that it's possible (actually easy) with Knoppix to boot from
>an ISO.  I downloaded 5.1.1 today as a failsafe if I can't figure this
>out.  Though I would still feel more comfortable with the "Known
>Good."  So I'm going to try to figure it out before the next hint.
>(This has become a fun little game).
>Thank you for your kindness and patience in dealing with my "newbieness."
>  - Brian.
>P.S. I like your strategy for sharing knowledge.  Providing direction
>without cut and paste solutions causes a much greater understanding of
>the material.  I can't remember the saying that goes with it, but
>there's a philosophy behind it that basically says "you learn best
>from your mistakes."
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