Boot from ISO.

TekEmperor tekemperor at
Mon Feb 26 22:48:23 PST 2007

On 2/27/07, Alexander E. Patrakov <patrakov at> wrote:
> I have already bent the rules too much by providing a hint.
I'm sorry for causing you to bend the rules.

> Another very slight hint will be mailed to you privately instead of the full
> information in a week (so that you have a chance to figure it out on your
> own) - but that's the last hint.
Any help at all is appreciated.

I'm affraid to ask my neighbor to burn any more CDs for me, so I'm not
sure if I can fall back to Debian Etch.  However, thank you for
mentioning another suitable build environment.

I've read that it's possible (actually easy) with Knoppix to boot from
an ISO.  I downloaded 5.1.1 today as a failsafe if I can't figure this
out.  Though I would still feel more comfortable with the "Known
Good."  So I'm going to try to figure it out before the next hint.
(This has become a fun little game).

Thank you for your kindness and patience in dealing with my "newbieness."

 - Brian.

P.S. I like your strategy for sharing knowledge.  Providing direction
without cut and paste solutions causes a much greater understanding of
the material.  I can't remember the saying that goes with it, but
there's a philosophy behind it that basically says "you learn best
from your mistakes."

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