livecd freezes my computer

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Thu Feb 15 00:42:32 PST 2007

Gerald Sherette wrote:
> Thank you for the prompt reply Alexander.
> The previous versions of the Livecd that worked on this machine were 6.1.1-1 
> and 6.2.1

The 6.1.1-1 CD is just too different from 6.2-5, so this comparison is not 
useful. 6.2-1 is close enough, so debugging is definitely possible.

> And YES!! I just tried the 6.3-pre1 cd and it recovers from inactivity with no 
> freezing.

Thanks for the report, it is again a useful data point.

> Tomorrow I'll try some other versions of the livecd and post the results here 
> just for the record.

The results above narrow the needed testing to only two LiveCD versions: 
6.2-3 and 6.2-4. 6.2-3 is very close to 6.2-1, so I would be very much 
surprised if it doesn't work. 6.2-4 has a big bunch of blind BLFS updates 
(that's why it is a beta). Except for LFS software versions, the 6.2-4 and 
6.3-pre1 CDs are identical.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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