Filtering out newbies

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Mon Mar 20 13:21:08 PST 2006

Sash wrote:
> brings a lot of new users to #lfs-support, but that's why it's there - 
> for "support." Books usually have a large following and ours seems to 
> get smaller when new people are not welcomed into the community.

Yes, "support" is what lfs-support provides, but for LFS.  This is Linux 
 From Scratch, not Linux 101.  The book states one should have "at least 
this basic level of skill".  I tried doing LFS 3.0 many years ago before 
I even knew a basic level.  It was hard and I failed.  I didn't go to 
the lists expecting hand holding, I took a class at school, I read a few 
books, and it has helped immensely.  Learning how to do something is 
better than learning to "type that one command that guy on lfs-suppor 
told you to type".  The LFS book has a prerequisite boot list.  If the 
users can't read those and learn, why should we duplicate the effort 
doing the teaching here?

I consider this similar to college classes.  If you are trying to learn 
french or whatever language, you can't skip to the level 2 class and 
expect everyone to help you catch up.  Linux isn't the easiest thing to 
learn, it is difficult like a language, and people without the 
experience should start elsewhere first.  IMO.

> What happened to common courtesy and consideration? It's expected in 
> #lfs-support so why not all over the project?

I haven't seen anything rude or inconsiderate in a long time, so I can't 
comment on this.

Just my opinion.


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