Filtering out newbies

Sash sash at
Mon Mar 20 07:18:34 PST 2006

Archaic wrote:

>Patrakov wrote:
>>Another issue is how to hide ALFS deom the CD (suggested by Beaker on 
>>IRC): newbies suggest ALFS to each other and cause traffic.
>Or how about a well thought out, firm (yet polite), occasion-specific
>webpage to cover each of:
>The whiners get ignored,
We've been called elitists. This must be why. It takes all kinds of 
people to make the world go round. Some whine; some don't. Even whiners 
can learn when given direction and encouragement. This is supposed to be 
a learning tool - not just a tool for super geeks. Some rhetorical 
questions for anyone who doesn't care for newbies: Do you forget what it 
was like to be new? Were you ever new? Were you born knowing linux? Or 
perhaps just with a brain that understands it more easily? And for the 
record, imho, "firm (yet polite)" seems quite like ice when you are on 
the receiving end and ignoring people is childish. Yes, the livecd 
brings a lot of new users to #lfs-support, but that's why it's there - 
for "support." Books usually have a large following and ours seems to 
get smaller when new people are not welcomed into the community.

What happened to common courtesy and consideration? It's expected in 
#lfs-support so why not all over the project?


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