Linux 2.6.16 and future plans

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Mon Mar 20 03:26:26 PST 2006


1) unionfs-1.0.14 doesn't compile with linux-2.6.16 due to conversion of 
semaphores to mutexes. While I can patch it, it isn't sane to stick with 
the old version of unionfs forever. It is not known if a newer version 
is good, and there was no good-out-of-the box version of unionfs in the 
past. Is it acceptable to merge DM to the udev_update branch?

2) The same PCI IDs are claimed by the old IDE drivers and the new SATA 
drivers, thus the drivers conflict. I am going, in order to avoid this 
situation, to apply the following kernel patch:

(or the final version when it comes out). The effect of this patch is 
that all IDE and SATA devices become supported by libata, thus removing 
the conflict if one removes all old IDE drivers from the kernel 
configuration. As a side sffect, IDE disks become renamed from /dev/hdX 
to /dev/sdX. Is this acceptable?

If not, please come up with any other solution that allows the user to 
choose between functionality pieces provided by old IDE drivers and 
unpatched SATA drivers.

The patch has been tested here for a month on a VIA ide controller. It 
is scheduled for merging in linux-2.6.17.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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