LiveCD 6.1.1-4

Justin R. Knierim lfs at
Fri Mar 17 19:37:01 PST 2006

Steve Prior wrote:
> Justin, what bug is this you're talking about?  I'm running 6.1.1-X on a
> couple of i586 machines and haven't noticed anything, but maybe I just 
> haven't run into it yet.

Hi Steve,

Wow, you are?  You are the first that I have heard of.  ;)  Well, if 
your systems boot past "Starting init..." then you are good to go.  The 
error so far has happened right there.  Well, that is interesting to 
know that not all i586 and lower machines have this problem.  Alexander 
Patrakov might have some questions for you, since we have been trying to 
solve this little bug for quite some time.  :)

Thanks for letting us know that you have the CD's working.


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